Medicare Consumption Study

In 2010 the National Minority Quality Forum published Low Consumption and Higher Medicare Cost: Consumption Clusters in a Medicare Fee-for-Service Population (, which introduced a consumption model to assess utilization of Medicare benefits. For each year analyzed, each beneficiary was assigned to one of five consumption clusters (crisis, heavy, moderate, light, and low consumers), based […]

Medicare Index Consumption-Cluster Method

The National Minority Quality Forum collected data retrospectively from the Medicare records to construct an annual cost profile for each Medicare fee-for-service beneficiary for the years 2000 through 2007.  It used a unique beneficiary identifier to link the Beneficiary Annual Summary Files to Medicare’s Chronic Condition Data Warehouse flags, which identified beneficiaries who received Medicare […]

Crisis Consumers, 2000 – 2004: First generation migrations of consumption clusters

First generation migrations of consumption clusters, from Crisis Consumers, 2000 – 2004


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